A Lush Summer in the Gardens at Tuckahoe

As I write this post, it is raining yet again. Tuckahoe has had a truly wet spring and summer this year. The upside to all of the rain (other than keeping the air nice an cool!) is that we have not struggled one bit to keep things green and lush at Tuckahoe all summer. Here are some updates from our gardens.

P1010455-rThe cordoned pear trees that form the living fences that border the formal garden space at Tuckahoe are looking so good this year. After their serious pruning, and a few treatments for fungal disease, they are looking as healthy as we have ever seen them. We are even hoping for fruit next season!!

The white garden seat in the memorial garden built by a dear friend of Tuckahoe’s received a bit of a rehab this spring, and its new companions are growing in nicely.
P1010473-rThe old (spiteful!) thorny rose that previously accommodated this seat was dug out overwinter, and replaced with a more friendly bunch of plants. These plants include a heavenly smelling Clematis, a wonderful colonial garden weed known as Cleome (or spider flower) and a purple ground cover known as Aguga.

We are thrilled that the population of Blackberry Lilies at Tuckahoe has doubled this summer. They are such sweet little orange flowers resulting in the pods seen below. They will continue to ripen and look like blackberries through the fall.

I will leave you this week with a final photo of our beautiful Biloxi Crape Myrtle’s at our ceremony site. Their bark is an astounding color after peeling due to all the humidity this summer.

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