Flowers at Tuckahoe, a sampling

Ahhh, must love technology. I was looking back through my iphone photos, and found a nice sampling of what Tuckahoe’s gardens have to offer throughout the seasons.

Here are some of my favorites, please excuse the iphone photo quality on some of these.

A beautiful double hellebore. These beauties bloom in December from evergreen leaves, and they hold their sweet flowers until February when the daffodils take over.

photo (3)
This photos is a sweet sampling of some of the daffodils you can find at Tuckahoe around March. The pink and white flower in the bottom left, is a ‘Lady Jane’ tulip.

photo (5)
These are the annual rows in early March this year. Tulips were blooming, but our poppies were only just starting.

photo (6)
Here is a load of mid-spring flowers that were delivered to Sunny Gardener of Epic Gardens. Blooms include Icelandic Poppies, Iris, Lilac, and all sorts of flowering shrubs.

photo (8)
Some sweet blue and white Dutch Iris. These look stunning in a bouquet with bright colored Poppies.

photo (9)
Right around Mother’s day, Tuckahoe is exploding with Peonies! The peony pictured here is a full double. You can find every sort of Peony at Tuckahoe. From pure white, to rich deep reds, keep Tuckahoe in mind as your seasonal Peony source!

photo (12)
Here is a simply elegant single Peony pictured with some early blooming Snapdragons in the background.

photo (10)
Tucked around the corner of our garden shed, we have a beautiful Iris. This Iris is such a dark purple that it almost looks black.

photo (11)
I will finish this post with this photo of the incredibly fragrant Abraham Darby rose growing on the wrought iron fence of the Wight cemetery.


  1. In this garden i have not seen these kind of variety flowers before. These flowers are attractive and looks good in mass display.

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