A Late-Winter Update

Tuckahoe has stayed very busy since the end of our fall wedding season. From raking leaves to cutting back plants and pruning, it is starting to feel like spring is on the way! We had a day of composting, trellis building, and planting of early spring vegetables planned when we woke up to SNOW!r-winter 2013 050It is hard to believe that this is the first snow of the season at Tuckahoe.

Here you see the snow covering the early blooming Japanese Apricot, the orchard, and this coming spring’s pea trellis constructed with prunings from our living pear tree fences.

In addition to all of our usual jobs this winter, Tuckahoe has also had the pleasure of being a location for the filming of a new Television show! The process of filming has been both fun and overwhelming with more people and equipment than we ever imagined. Check back for more on this!

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