Spring is here

With another winter storm on the horizon, it is hard to believe that Spring is on its way. Fortunately at Tuckahoe we are beginning to see undeniable proof. Here are some of our favorite early spring blooms.
hellebore -rThe Hellebore, also known as the ‘Hardy Christmas Rose’ is sweet long lived plant that can bloom from December through April. It holds its blooms for weeks and is scattered throughout the gardens at Tuckahoe. Blooms range from green to white to purple.
common snowdrop -rSnow Drops are a great bulb that is deer resistant. It works well in shady areas that will be undisturbed as it loves to naturalize itself.
Witch Hazel -rWitch Hazel offers beautiful and unique spring color to the landscape. In addition to that it is a medicinal plant with astringent properties.

The crocuses are up on the lawns at Tuckahoe, and they are the first place that we have seen the honey bees working this year.
Chimonanthus - rChimonanthus, also known as wintersweet, spends most of the year unnoticed, but around January the let loose with many delicate and fragrant blooms.
The first of Tuckahoe’s daffodil’s have arrived. Here we have some budded up and some of the oldest and earliest blooming.

Until next time. Cheers!


  1. Cousin Lisa says:

    Beautiful Flowers!

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