Spring is about Daffodils and Mulch

Early spring means a couple of things at Tuckahoe. The first of which is the spring peepers. These tiny wetland frogs sing in spring with their chorus of calls. A good friend of Tuckahoe’s advises to plant your peas when you hear the peepers peeping.
The melt of winter and the promise of warm days ahead gets the staff at Tuckahoe mulching. Below you see the entrance to the ghost walk freshly edged and bedded in pine straw.
mulch and daff pine straw -r
The first flowers of spring follow the peepers closely. Starting with crocus, then on to daffodils. The older daffodils in the woods flower up to two weeks before newer varieties. In the following picture you can see bunches of daffodils by the depression over looking the ice pond. The depression, immediately to the right here, is the location of the old ice house.
pond daff r-1
Here we see a clump of daffodils near the area historically referred to as the river entrance of Tuckahoe. It is neat to imagine the way this hillside would have been terraced in the 1800’s.
mulch and daff approach -r

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