Edibles from the Gardens

Zucchini and Yellow Squash plants are growing well. Their big umbrella like leaves shade their developing fruits. photo (10)A few baby summer squash were stolen for lunch today. Here they are before being fried in cornmeal made from last years corn. (p.s. fried squash blossoms are the best!) photo (11)We have a variety of onions. Some for ornamental purposes, and some for eating. Either way they are beautiful and add an interesting texture to the flower gardens. Here is one in the edge of the herb garden with purple larkspur in the background. photo (14)There are a ton of herbs in the herb garden if you can get past all of the beautiful flowers. In this plot you can find Sage, Lavender, Geranium (which is what citronella is made out of), Thyme, Oregano, many kinds of Basil, and Chocolate mint (yum!). photo (15)

In the entrance to the Vegetable Garden, perennial Asparagus beds are bordered by trellises of runner beans and a large Romanesco plant (related to broccoli). photo (16)We also have Pumpkins and Winter Squash to look forward to. We have built little trellises for these guys to climb and creep around, and they have never looked happier. In the background you can see some of our beautiful red lettuce. photo (17)


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