Zen Lifestyle in a Southern Garden

How to Embrace the Zen Lifestyle in a Southern Garden

Living in the South brings with it many simple pleasures, like the glory of a garden filled with peonies, tulips and daffodils. Visiting a plantation and touring the gardens is a relaxing, tranquil way to spend an afternoon and to connect with the beauties of the outdoors.

Spending time in the summer to appreciate the beauty of a well-manicured garden in the South can lead you to feeling rejuvenated and ready to update your own garden to one that has similar charm. You can even kick it up a notch and design a space in your garden that reflects a zen ambiance, denoting a sense of peace and calm.

If you are looking incorporate serenity into any outdoor space, consider these options for creating a spectacular zen garden:

·         Set the tone with soft lighting – It’s obvious that lighting affects our mood and productivity, and it’s no different in our gardens. By stringing dainty fairy lights along the gorgeous southern trees and bushes, you can indulge in soft lighting that will enlighten tranquility. Lighting a garden path with outdoor lanterns is another way to induce a zen ambience to an outdoor space.

·         Re-do a flower bed with rocks and sand – Part of the ease of zen living is incorporating a low-maintenance lifestyle, and keeping up with flowers and shrubs can be challenging in the southern heat. By re-doing a section of your garden to include slick stones and sand, you will find peace in the ease and smoothness of the design.

·         Finding the right water feature – Another great idea for enhancing a zen atmosphere in any garden is to add a water feature, be it a small water fountain or a larger waterfall. Hearing the sound of trickling water, you will be transported to a realm of rest and relaxation, finding time to connect with your inner voice and meditate amongst the flowers.

·         Introduce a new decorative statue  The South is filled with unique histories, so why not embrace a figure of the past in the garden? By adding a timeless decorative statue, the garden will become a space for paying respects to the past amongst contemporary vistas of natural beauty.

In a plantation garden, there should always be the right harmony amongst the flower beds, the shrubbery, and the extra details that keep the beauty in balance. By adding simple touches like soft lighting, a newly updated zen flower bed, and a modern, flowing water feature, you can transform any garden into a space that promotes a spirit of peace.

Written By Sally Perkins

Photo By Jason Collins Photography 

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