Historic Homes as Event Venues

Paige Feingenbaum of Smart Meetings wrote an article, “If the Walls Could Talk in the Mid-Atlantic” about historic sites turned event venues. She highlights that “we can appreciate these grand homes for their grace and shining beauty, while acknowledging their shadowed past. The furniture and four walls—preserved, restored and maintained to appear frozen in time—may look the same when you step into this time warp of American history, but the demographics could not be more different from centuries ago. Visitors and groups of all races, ethnicities and classes are now equally welcome to freely roam in unity.” The Mid-Atlantic region, especially Virginia, plays a vital role in the hospitality industry, allowing guests to experience the region’s past. Historic homes, like Tuckahoe Plantation, warmly open their doors to guests for events, meetings, and/or tours, connecting Virginia’s past to the relevant present.

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